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Permatex® Heavy Duty Radiator Cleaner


Features and Benefits:

Removes rust and scale from automotive engines, radiators and water jackets. Cleans and unclogs steam cleaner coils and boiler tubes. Not for use in aluminium radiators.


  • Drain radiator. Flush. Fill radiator with clean water, leaving room for radiator cleaner bottle contents (i.e. 32 fl. oz.).
  • Idle engine fast.
  • Add entire contents of this bottle. Run engine ‘hot’ for 30 minutes. Do not let boil and do not drive car.
  • Drain system and flush thoroughly with clean water. Replace with coolant.
  • For optimal performance, add Permatex® Radiator and Water Pump Lubricant Permatex No. 38M (Item# 80039).

Note: Since this product is concentrated, the solvent may uncover leaks previously sealed by rust and scale. In the event this occurs, use Permatex® Quick Solder™Radiator Repair, Item# 12195, or ALUMA SEAL® Radiator Stop Leak, Item# 28179 or Item# 28181.

Suggested Applications: Radiators, water jackets, industrial and maintenance applications.

View Permatex® Heavy Duty Radiator Cleaner SDS Here