Power Boost

Brand: WYNNS

Wynn’s Power Boost is the smart solution to deliver both high-octane performance and valve-seat recession protection. Modern engines are designed with higher and higher compression ratios which demand higher Octane Number fuel.

Today’s unleaded fuels don’t provide the same level of lubrication for engine valves which can cause wear of the valve seating – or valve-seat recession (VSR) and lead to increased exhaust emissions, poor idling, and a loss of power. The potential for valve-seat recession increases with smaller engines running at higher speeds.


Features and Benefits:

  • Increases the octane number (RON) by up to 5 units
  • Provides upper cylinder lubrication for up to 5,000km
  • Increases horsepower & protects valves
  • Prevents valve seat recession by forming a shielding layer on the valve seats, replicating the effect of leaded fuel
  • Overcomes pinging or knocking noise in the engine
  • Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe​


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