Spray Nine® BBQ Grill Cleaner

Features and Benefits:

This cleaner does double duty as a heavy-duty cleaner and a hard surface disinfectant. Easily dissolves grease, fat & burned-on food for quick cleanup with less effort. Also kills food born germs that contaminate food preparation surfaces, including Salmonella and E.coli in just 45 seconds.


It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Outdoor surfaces subjected to severe weather conditions, especially U.V. exposure, may be particularly sensitive to alkaline cleaners. Follow the outdoor surface manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions. Always test on a small area to be cleaned and air dry completely to determine colorfastness and surface integrity. Do not use on wool, leather, glass, untreated wood, treated fabric or weathered surfaces. Do not spray on lava rocks, charcoal or heating elements. Always remove cooking grate prior to cleaning it. Turn off gas and allow surface to cool before applying. Use a brush to loosen and remove heavy deposits. Tough deposits may require additional applications and scrubbing. Cooking grate must be rinsed with potable water after cleaning. Do not use this product in combination with caustics, acids or bleach.


  1. Spray on soiled surface.
  2. Wipe thoroughly with a clean, damp sponge/cloth or rinse. (Do not allow to dry on surface).


  1. Clean surface as instructed above.
  2. Repeat application making sure to wet all surfaces thoroughly.
  3. Allow to stand for 45 seconds (30 seconds for viruses) minimum.
  4. Wipe thoroughly with a clean, damp sponge/cloth or rinse.
  5. When used on food contact surfaces such as counters and tables, rinse thoroughly with potable water. Do not use on dishes, glasses or silverware.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Keep from freezing or temperature greater than 120°F. Store in original container in area inaccessible to children and persons unfamiliar with proper product use. Container may be refilled with BBQ Grill Cleaner. Do not reuse empty bottle with any other product. Rinse empty container thoroughly and discard in trash or recycle where available.


Suggested Applications:
BBQ grills, propane tanks, countertops, stainless steel, painted surfaces, BBQ covers, ceramic and tempered glass.

View Spray Nine® BBQ Grill Cleaner SDS Here