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TranSERVE® Automatic Transmission Flush Machine Kit

Brand: WYNNS

Wynn’s TranSERVE® Automatic Transmission Flush and Fill Machine is a 12V service machine that operates from the vehicle’s battery to simply and effectively flush the transmission oil system of automatic gearboxes.

The machine automatically detects the correct flow direction and has a high fluid exchange rate of up to 90% compared to only 50% with a classic drain and fill. The machine achieves this with no mixing of old and new fluid.

Features and Benefits:

  • Has 4 different functions, including ATF exchange, ATF top up, ATF drain and adding additive.
  • Cleans & removes sludge, contaminants & exhausted fluid from the transmission, torque converter & cooler
  • Automatic flow rectifier directs flow to/from transmission automatically
  • Automatically adds the same amount of new ATF as is removed from the vehicle, without monitoring or adjustments
  • Enables lowering of pan level for safer transmission filter service
  • Easy fluid makeup or product injection using additive tank
  • Drip-less quick-connect adaptors to fit most applications


Utilises the Wynn’s Automatic Transmission Flush Kit (Product No. 10210).

Recommended when changing ATF of automatic gearboxes or when experiencing shifting problems, fluctuating RPM or not retaining the correct gear.

For all types of cars with automatic gearboxes.

Not to be used on high-pressure systems of buses, trucks, bulldozers, etc.

TranSERVE® Automatic Transmission Flush Machine Kit Product Information