Ultra Supreme Grease

Brand: WYNNS

Wynn’s Ultra Supreme Grease is a premium lithium soap thickened grease of NLGI Grade No.2 consistency formulated to outperform ordinary No.2 greases in all applications. Combined with the unique Wynn’s Friction Proofing® Package, Wynn’s Ultra Supreme Grease is particularly suited to industry and fleet applications including light/heavy transport, agriculture, mining and marine in the heavily loaded, extreme pressure, high wear conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Displays extremely good water wash-out resistance
  • Resists breakdown as a result of mechanical action
  • Prevents corrosion of metallic components under humid & wet conditions
  • Prevents operating temperatures escalating under high load conditions
  • Prevents scuffing and galling through extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties
  • Allows longer intervals between greasing


Wynn’s Ultra Supreme Grease is suitable for industrial and automotive bearings, grease lubricated journal bearings, flexible gear couplings, shackles and torsion bars, oscillating bucket pins, lubrication of chassis components, clutch bearings and drive line bearings, cams, ways and sliding elements.

It is also suitable for kingpins and bushes, walking beams, universal joints, ring feeders, turntables, and slack adjusters.


Pack Sizes Available:
450g cartridge
2.5kg tub
20kg pail
55kg drum
175kg drum


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