About Wynn’s Automotive Treatments:

For over 80 Years Wynn’s has been the leading global manufacturer of innovative Wynn’s Automotive Treatments and products. These products are designed to clean, protect & lubricate regardless of whether your car is brand new or decades old. Interestingly, Wynn’s traces its history to 1939 when Chestien Wynn discovered a formula he named “Wynn’s Friction Proofing” Oil. This surface treatment for metal actually changed the chemistry of the metal, making it harder and better able to withstand friction and wear.

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Why Wynn’s?

Your vehicle is an investment requiring regular maintenance. As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many of your vehicle’s issues can be prevented or resolved using Wynn’s Automotive treatments that are an efficient, affordable and easy-to-use solution.

Wynn’s Automotive treatments are designed to meet the specific requirements of modern engines while optimizing and protecting older vehicles. Over the last eight decades, Wynn’s global R&D Division has worked continuously to remain at the forefront of cleaning and lubricating technology. Wynn’s extensive knowledge of the automotive market and its ever-changing requirements form the basis of our product development.

Strong Partnership with Autotech

In 2013 AutoTech engaged with Wynn’s and became the distributor of Wynn’s Automotive Treatment range of products for Victoria and Riverina. Since that time AutoTech has established strong relationships with Dealership service departments and independent workshops and expanded the distribution of Wynn’s quality products. Find Wynn’s Automotive Treatment products here.