Hydraulic Systems Concentrate

Brand: WYNNS

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce friction, wear and heat in pumps and equipment
  • Preserve hydraulic system cleanliness and reduce corrosion
  • Minimise cavitation and air entrapment
  • Prevent and control hydraulic oil system leaks
  • Improve seal and O-ring life that cause system leaks
  • Provide a unique blend of anti-wear/anti-foam additives
  • Suitable for all hydraulic systems using petroleum based fluids



Wynn’s Hydraulic Systems Concentrate is particularly suited to earth moving equipment, forestry/ logging equipment, paving equipment, hoists/jacks, and cranes.

It is also suitable for rubbish disposal/ compactors, presses/tube bending, winch drives/line tensioners and steering systems/bow thrusters.


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