Multifleet Grease

Brand: WYNNS

Wynn’s Multifleet Grease, containing the unique Wynn’s Friction Proofing® package, is formulated to NLGI Grade No. 3 consistency for heavy-duty and extreme-pressure applications within the transport, earthmoving, marine, rural and mining industries. Wynn’s Multifleet Grease is a lithium soap thickened grease that provides high adhesion, water wash resistance, extreme shock load protection, high thermal and oxidation stability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protects all moving parts from shock loadings
  • Prevents scuffing and reduces wear
  • Extended ball joint life
  • High shear stability
  • Resistance to mechanical shear
  • Maintains grease consistency for extended lubrication service


Wynn’s Multifleet Grease is suitable for rural, mining and marine use, including tractors, pumps, mowers, harvesters, trucks, trailers, tillers, seeders, deck winches, drill rigs, excavators, shovels, dump trucks, jaw crushers, conveyors, and dozers.

It is also suitable for shackles, torsion bars, universal joints, brake arms, turntables, general chassis points, bucket pins, slides, cams and gears.

Wynn’s Multifleet Grease is compatible with most lithium soap thickened greases.

Pack Sizes Available:

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