Permatex® 2 Ton Epoxy


Features and Benefits:

Permatex’s Clear 2 Ton Epoxy is a general-purpose high strength epoxy designed to bond together ridged materials for a permanent hold. Repositionable up to 15 minutes and is clear in color. Bonds ceramics, fiberglass metal concrete, and more!

  • Repositionable high strength adhesive; bonds together rigid materials
  • Sets in 30 minutes / Cures in 1 hour for multiple repairs
  • Specially formulated for high clarity and impact strength
  • Gap-filling and non-shrinking formula
  • Resists salt solution, unleaded gasoline, mineral spirits, oil and anti-freeze
  • PSI Strength: 3,400



  • For best results: Roughen, remove any grease and oil, clean and dry surfaces to be joined or repaired.
  • Remove plastic mixing paddle from center of black plunger. Turn nozzle end up and pull plunger back slightly (1/8″).
  • Allow air bubbles to rise to top. Snap off and save storage cap.
  • Push plunger evenly to dispense equal amounts of hardener and resin onto a discardable surface such as a piece of cardboard or the plastic container on the front of this package. Pull back plunger to stop flow.

MIX THOROUGHLY with paddle provided. Epoxy has a working time of 30 minutes.
Apply to surfaces to be joined or repaired. Epoxy will fixture in 1 hour and fully cure in 24 hours. Wipe nozzle clean. Replace cap for storage.
NOTE: Will not bond to polyethylene or polypropylene plastics. This epoxy product is recommended for indoor use only, as the cured epoxy can yellow and darken when exposed to sunlight and the elements.

Suggested Applications: Ceramics, fiberglass, metal, concrete & more!


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