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Permatex® White Lithium Grease


Features and Benefits:

All-purpose white lubricant is designed to reduce friction between load bearing metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic applications. Protects against rust and makes surfaces friction-free. Stainless and long-lasting formula. Contains no ODCs. Withstands moisture and high temperature. Level 3*


Shake can well. Spray WhiteLithium Grease on surface or surfaces to belubricated. For hard to reach, or areas requiringpinpoint applications, insert extension tube.Overspray can be cleaned off with Permatex®Brake & Parts Cleaner.


Suggested Applications: Door hinges, hood latches, trunk latches, hatchback struts, sliding seat mechanisms, interior window mechanisms, radio antennas garage door and delivery truck door tracks


Suggested Applications: Door hinges, hood latches, steering cables, loader winch gears, swivel brackets, throttle & shaft linkage, and starter/neutral lockout

Package Sizes: 16 oz. aerosol can, 10.75 oz. net wt., 1.5 fl. oz. tube, carded